Transport for London (TfL): Leverages Big Data to Enhance Customer Engagement

Poonam Rao
2 min readMay 7, 2021
Jay Wennington.

Major customers served by Transport for London include domestic and international passengers on all the modes of transportation for its overground, underground services from cycles to river services and everything in between. In addition, TfL customers include contract operators of a bus, river services, and tram.

With TfL’s slogan of “Every journey matters,” they have leveraged Big Data analytics to improve customer engagement. Few ideas include:

  • Guide customers on choosing the most efficient and cost-saving route, especially important for international visitors. Make it easier to get cash back on Oyster Card balance at the end of their trips.
  • Provide staff with real-time alerts on spikes in demand and any bottlenecks so dynamic route adjustments can be made during transit.
  • Alert customers of any delays in their chosen mode of transportation, while waiting and in-transit. Provide recommendations on alternative routes and updates journey plans based on customer selection.
  • Analyze frequent night journey customers, customers using transport primarily for education or work. Provide apt discounts based on customer segment.
  • Analyze complaints and train staff to handle situations with care and empathy.
  • Enable intelligent call routing with support for routine and complex inquiries. Make channel interactions swift and easy experience for customers.
  • Solidify self-service digital avenues via apps, real-time signage updates for customers, and promotional offerings.
  • Be able to predict customer needs with journey planning.
  • Personalize experiences where possible. Leveraging Big Data sources like network monitoring sensors, traffic information, ticketing, social media, telemetry, apps, mobile and asset data.



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