Microsoft Big Data Strategy

Tadas Sar.


Microsoft’s primary revenue strategy focuses on leveraging Big Data to gain market share with its enterprise-ready Big Data Solution — HDInsight, competing with Google Cloud and Amazon AWS. Azure HDInsight based on open-source Hadoop, Spark, Kafka framework offers ETL, data warehousing, IoT, and Machine Learning capabilities. With PostgreSQL, it offers Oracle database compatibility tapping into clients relying on on-premises Oracle database (Azure Storage).

When we talk about search engines, Google pops as a default. However, even before the buzzword of Big Data came into being, Microsoft adopted Big Data with its proprietary web search engine — Bing, rebranded from its roots with Windows Live Search and MSN Search. It is integrated and amplified with Cortana Intelligence as a virtual assistant. While living in Google shadow, Microsoft Bing is slowly gaining traction, emerging as the second largest web search engine in the U.S. (

In the world of digital marketing, Microsoft Advertising could become a leader by evolving and optimizing its search engine ranking factors like content freshness, user engagement, and social media rankings. It could also enhance the image, video, and voice search features. Differentiation could be with the pricing of its services as compared to a top competitor — Google and enhancing the online ad revenue stream. By providing easy-to-use data mining solutions at competitive rates, it could gain market share not just with enterprises but small and medium scale businesses as well.

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