Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedical Informatics

This article explores how Apixio leverages Big Data, AI, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to analyze structured and unstructured sources of patient records. It’s mission is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to change the way healthcare is measured, care is delivered, and discoveries are made.

Apixio at a Glance

  • A private company founded in 2009

Apixio’s Value Proposition

Apixio’s value proposition is to learn how to make sense of clinical information at scale to provide better individual care and gain insights on overall population health by mining Big Data. It pitched the same to stakeholders to gain data access so holistically coded data and unstructured data can be analyzed across healthcare plans and providers to lower costs, provide effective care delivery, and streamline processes.

Apixio transforms disparate data into actionable knowledge that can be leveraged by entities like healthcare systems, clinics, hospitals, medical insurers, the U.S. Medicare program, medical practitioners, and patients in areas of risk adjustment, interoperability, clinical guidance, and quality.

Impediments to leveraging Big Data

While volumes of health data exist, much of it is underused. Few impediments include:

  • 80% of medical and clinical information is unstructured. It comes in many different formats and templates and from numerous systems. E.g. physician notes, consulting notes, pathology results, handwritten notes, Medicare records, hospital records, PDF scans, etc.

Potential Use Cases

  • User-friendly interfaces that coders and plan operators can understand.



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