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An Agile C-Suite — a guide to evolving lean agile leadership team

Agile leadership demands that executives create a carefully balanced system that delivers both stability and agility — a system that runs business efficiently and changes the business effectively, and merges the two activities without destroying the system. Agile enables top executives to focus on strategy rather than operational details that are best made by operating managers. Executives come to understand that an hour spent reviewing or second-guessing the work of experienced operating managers creates far less incremental value than an hour invested in developing major cross-functional innovations. Key agile leadership traits include :

  • From commanding to coaching
  • From meeting to work sessions
  • Encouraging rapid feedback

Agile teams follow the values of the agile manifesto to guide organization behavior. This serves as a north star to keep the leadership team on track and prevent backsliding in their interactions with the team.

Harvard Business Review

SAFE Agile Framework




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Poonam Rao

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