Understanding the sources of unfairness in data-driven decision

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ARIMA Model, Holt-Winters Double Exponential Smoothing, Bayesian Linear Regression


1 Problem Statement

  • Health Center (HC) staffing is not optimal to meet the overall demand. HCs do not have the capacity to meet the deadline of <30 days for examinations due to lack of examining physicians and human resource constraints.
  • Significant amount of revenue is…

Analysis of diamond dataset to discover patterns & behaviors based on categorical and continuous features

Trial (Source: Wikipedia, 2021)

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  • Guide customers on choosing the most efficient and cost-saving route, especially important for international visitors. Make it easier to get cash back on Oyster Card balance at the end of their trips.
  • Provide staff…

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  • A name could help infer race ad lead to bias in booking decisions. To protect privacy, reconsider hostname and profile picture requirements at the time of booking, with options to be anonymous.
  • Implement standards on uploading property pictures and descriptions. Mailbox number, neighborhood description should not be public information.
  • Establish automated scans for detecting fraudulent, and suspicious listings.
  • Inform hosts of “high-risk” bookings.
  • Ensure reviews are not “fudged” and that a majority of those…

Commitment to Revolutionize Lifestyles

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Apixio at a Glance

  • A private company founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in San Mateo, CA
  • 27 active products
  • $43M in funding (Series D)

Apixio’s Value Proposition

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Experian key facts at a glance

  • 125 years into the making, ~18K people strong, in 45 countries, named “Forbes Worlds Most Innovative Company” in 2018.
  • Experian’s ta line “a world of insight” says it all in terms of how it has evolved from a pure credit-scoring company to one connecting consumers and businesses, and society by offering B2B and consumer services.
  • Experian educates individuals on financial literacy and guides them on accessing the right financial services. It helps businesses thrive by helping identify new business opportunities, excel in operational excellence, enhance customer…

Poonam Rao

Exec Director StratEx - I bring to the table blend of data science, finance and strategy management skills with 20+ years of experience in insurance & fintech.

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