Analysis of Internet Movie Database (source: Kaggle) for an imaginary strategic objective for expanding the Disney+ Platform.

About Disney+

Disney+ (pronounced Disney Plus) is an on-demand streaming service, a division of The Walt Disney Company. …

Understanding the sources of unfairness in data-driven decision

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This paper shares my takeaways, best practices and mitigation steps to mitigate unfairness and bias while designing machine learning algorithms.

Data science projects go wrong either due to flawed models or insufficiently/ incorrectly trained algorithms or emergent bias on new/ unanticipated contexts. Fairness is a human, not a mathematical decision…

ARIMA Model, Holt-Winters Double Exponential Smoothing, Bayesian Linear Regression

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This paper utilizes Fargo Health Group dataset to forecast the demand for heart examinations expected in 2014 for Abbeville Health Center. It outlines how a business problem can be solved using a data-driven decision making approach and explains the methodology, model leveraged, ethical implications and recommendations for Fargo Health Group.

1 Problem Statement

Analysis of diamond dataset to discover patterns & behaviors based on categorical and continuous features

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Diamond pricing involves a complex mechanism influenced by multiple factors such as carat, cut, color, and price. This article analyzes the correlation between these factors and depicts with visualizations.

Exploratory data analysis
R diamond.csv dataset includes approximately 54K observations with 10 variables including carat, cut, color, clarity, depth, table, price, x…

Nathan Dumlao.

It is said that organizations people assets should be a representation of the markets it sells in, yet we find many organizations trying to sell to ethnic segments they have little knowledge about or have limited research. …


Charles Minard (1781–1870) is famous for the information graphics he created in the field of civil engineering and statistics. Minard was famous for his geographic and flow graphs and considered “revolutionary”. Many of his works were published during his lifetime.

The visualization above depicts Napoleon’s led march to Russia, also…

Author Created — For Academic purposes made-up figures to depict Brand-based Visualization

Data Visualization

Data Visualization aka dataviz is basically presenting raw data in a graphic or visual form. It makes grasping information as well as decision-making easier by presenting data in a well laid-out visual format, making communication more effective, powerful and impactful. …

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Analysis using graph theory and visualization of a network

What is Meetup?

Meetup is a social media platform for finding and building communities, and organizing get-togethers with those who share similar interests. Founded in 2002, it has become quite popular in US with 44 million active users worldwide. It was acquired by WeWork in 2017 and recently sold in 2020 to AlleyCorp…

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A gender wage gap refers to men and women having different salaries despite of the same educational levels, years of experience and qualifications. This gap is especially wider for women of color. …

Poonam Rao

Exec Director StratEx - I bring to the table blend of data science, finance and strategy management skills with 20+ years of experience in insurance & fintech.

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